The Writing Process

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The Writing Process

The Writing Process. Now Let's complete the writing process you began at the beginning of the unit write a description of the person or place about which you did the clustering exercise. Ypu may write one or more parapraphs. Follow these in order to write a good composition

Prewrite to get ideas
This is the clustering you did at the beginning of the unit
Organize the ideas
Decide what kind of spasial order will work the best for you description : left to  right, far to near, etc

Write the rough Draft
Write Rough Draft at the top of your paper
  • You might begin your parapragh with a sentence that tells what person or place you are going to write about and gives a general impression
              The corner of the library where I study is my favorite place.
              The neighbor's son frightened everyone in my class at school.
  • Take care to use the correct verb tenses. Use the present continuous tense if it is appropriate to describe activities.
  • Pay attention to your sentence sctructure. Use there is/there are sentence if they are appropriate. Use a combination of simple and compound sentences.
  • Begin some of your sentences with prepositional phrases of place to show the spatial organization.

The Writing Process

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